Andalucian Coast to Coast Walk

Walking Coast To Coast in Andalucía: Day 25

Castillo de Castellar

Hard to leave


Down La Calzada

(a Roman road)

Level paths, dirt roads, paved highways

To Venta Juan Carlos

(a rare restaurant meal at lunchtime)

Gently up quiet roads

(Gibraltar is so close)

Steeply down trails

To Los Barrios


26.9km/379m ascent/620m descent (more…)

Walking Coast To Coast in Andalucía: Day 24

Castillo de Castellar

A welcome day of rest.

And what a place to veg out. Castillo is, as you might guess, a castle. One that dates back in its present Moorish form to the 13th Century. Positioned high on a hilltop, with Gibraltar clearly visible on the horizon, the castle has been a strategic point for both Muslim and Christian nations, who battled back and forth for control of this Andalucian frontier. Spain’s Catholic forces won the battle in 1492 but the castle retains its early Moorish underpinnings. The tiny village behind the fort is a maze of crooked streets, all white plaster with splashes of colourful flowers everywhere.

The castle itself is now a hotel and, much to our surprise, our ‘superior double room’ turned out to be a three storey suite with the top level being an open turret-cum-patio with 360° views over all of Andalucia as well as Gibraltar and Morocco.

Take a look Gail’s guided video tour (below) or on YouTube at WalkClickMake.

25/05/19 (more…)

Walking Coast To Coast in Andalucía: Day 23

Jimena de la Frontera

A cool, shady start

On a long, flat path

(A prairie-dwellers dream walk)

Train tracks to our right

Farmland to our left

Temperature climbs to 27° C

For a modest climb

To Castillo de Castellar



21.8km/339m ascent/197m descent


Walking Coast To Coast in Andalucía: Day 22

El Colmenar

Early start

To a long day


Through cork oak forests

Uphill scramble

Gibraltar: first sighting

Following cairns

Toros on the track!


To Jimenez de la Frontera

To Casa Henrietta

To dinner

After a long, long day


29.7km/1,053m ascent/1,168m descent (more…)

Walking Coast To Coast in Andalucía: Day 21

Cortes de la Frontera

Ayuntamiento, La Plaza de Carlos III


To La Casa de la Piedra


Estación de Cortes


Cable climbs


To Puente de los Alemanes

Canyón de las Buitreras


To (tiny) El Colmenar


17.7km/578m ascent/969m descent

. (more…)

Walking Coast To Coast in Andalucía: Day 20


Sunrise departure

Climbing the valley

Left: Sierra De Juan Diego

Right: Sierra de Montalette





Steeply up to mountain pass

Apples, tomatoes, sardines, bread

With a view

Steeply down

To Cortes de la Frontier


19.9km/714m ascent/756m descent


Walking Coast To Coast in Andalucía: Day 19

Morning in Ronda

Afternoon walk

Steep down hill

To Puente Nuevo

Steep up hill

To La Ermita de la Escarihuela

Steep down hill

To Montejaque


12km/431m ascent/480m descent