Little White Walks: Mosquito Creek

The second in a series of jaunts in the key of white. This week, I recount a December 27, 2017 walk along Mosquito Creek in North Vancouver. I have misgivings about attempting a walk this morning. With a mug of hot coffee in hand, I watch the snow fall just outside the expansive windows of... Continue Reading →

Little White Walks: Capilano River

Here begins a series of jaunts in the key of white. This week, I follow the Capilano River in North Vancouver. It’s December 26 and the terrain is unexpectedly wintery, the weather too cool for a prairie boy looking for a reprieve from the chill back home. I start high up in the posh residential... Continue Reading →

Grinding the Grouse

Grind indeed. The Grouse Grind lies outside any conventional notion of walking. This is no promenade. Want to commune with nature? Find another trail. This is sheer exercise, a cocktail of pure adrenaline spiked with a shot of danger. The Grind rises from the residential edge of North Vancouver and steadily, steeply rises up the... Continue Reading →

A Remembrance Day Walk

For Gail and me, Remembrance Day in Winnipeg always includes a walk down Valour Road for a service at a small park on Sargent Avenue. This year, I am in North Vancouver, on my way to their Remembrance Day service. It’s a one-hour walk to Victoria Park, an eastward trek that leapfrogs suburban neighbourhoods and... Continue Reading →

Walking the Water in North Vancouver: Capilano

If you look at a map of North Vancouver, three geographical elements appear to define its character: the mountains that line its northern edge, Vancouver Harbour to the south and, in between these two natural barriers, Highway One as it rips through on its transcontinental journey across Canada. All are east-west lines, effectively squeezing the... Continue Reading →

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