Trains, Planes and Automobiles

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

The Christmas Train: Day Two

Putting aside the existential train schedule, the Canadian is one of the best train experiences I have had. The food, served on white linen tablecloths with real china, has been excellent. Today's brunch was a tasty ravioli with lobster in a cream sauce. Dinner, a well-prepared rack of lamb. Even the shower – there's one in each sleeper car – is clean and well laid out. Plush white towels along with a bar of soap and shampoo are provided for each passenger at the start of trip.


The Christmas Train: Day One

Why have I not done this before?

I love trains. Gail and I have had some wonderful adventures on the rails. We have been on the TGV fast trains in France, on Spain's classy train, the challenging Trans-Sberian from Moscow to Bejing and, just this fall, the ultra-fast bullet trains of Japan.

But our very own Canadian trains? Not since a mid-1970's trip from Winnipeg to Toronto. Time to correct that. (more…)