Walking to Rome: Via Francigena Day 5


Forêt Dominal de Guînes

La Cologne Blanchard de Guînes

L’Abbaye Royal Notre-Dame de Licques

Volaille de Licques at Auberge Du Moulin D’Audenfort


Walking to Rome: A Day in Guînes

A town walkabout

A walk to St. Joseph’s Village theme park

A visit to Tour de l’Horloge Museum

Assorted eating and drinking activities


Walking to Rome: Via Francigena Day 1

Our Chaucer Way pilgrimage ended in the nave of Canterbury Cathedral two days ago. Today we are back at the Cathedral, this time just outside the south transept. In front of us is a diminutive stone, no larger than a modest grave marker, with shallow relief carvings telling us this is the Starting Stone for the Via Francigena pilgrimage that will eventually see us at the door of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. (more…)