Walking Coast To Coast in Andalucía: Day 28

Tarifa A day-long beach walk On the Atlantic coast On fine white sand Across ocean-carved stone coves With a hard wind at our backs Pushing us To Bolonia To the Roman city, Baelo Claudio To the end of our Andalusian trek To our next long walk 29/05/19 20.8km/56m ascent/55m descent

CDMX: To Teotihuacán

It can be found just 40 kilometres out of Mexico City. Timewise, it is a much longer journey back in time, one measured in tens of centuries. Here is a city so ancient that even the Aztecs, who were busy constructing their own city, Tenochtitlan, drew inspiration from the deserted ruins of Teotihuacán. It was... Continue Reading →

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