Falling Polaroids (2021)

It was late autumn 2020 when I made a set of colour SX-70 Polaroids on the wooded banks of nearby Omand’s Creek in Winnipeg. At the time, the trees were still dressed in majestic fall colour. A few weeks later, I returned to the same location to film my deck of Polaroids being dealt to the forest floor. By this time, now-bare trees had shed their leaves, forming a crunchy brown backdrop to the crisply framed photos that floated down. That brief lo-fi video, titled Falling Polaroids, made an appearance on Instagram and a blog post at WalkClickMake.com. 

And then came winter, spring and summer.

A year has passed. Once again, the green foliage has turned vivid tones of red and yellow before making its way to the ground. And, once again, I returned to last year’s simple film and the stack of Polaroids that inspired the project. Here is the 2021 version of Falling Polaroids.    

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A Garden Walk

Once-vibrant colours are fast fading to shades of deep brown, ash grey. Stems bow. Leaves curl and crackle in the wind.

It is autumn here in Assiniboine Park’s English Garden. It’s a favourite destination, the turning point of a good walk that sees me—several times a week—leaving my Wolseley home, skirting the south bank of the Assiniboine River on riverside trails, emerging at the English Garden and the adjacent Leo Mol Sculpture Garden before returning home along the north bank of the river, through a chain of parks, across creeks, down residential streets. Continue reading