Mobile Backup Choices: RavPower FileHub vs. Verbatim MediaShare Wireless

You may recall my quest for the perfect mobile backup strategy for photographs taken while on a long walk. 

First there was the Kingston MobileLite Wireless G2, a nice, compact, lightweight means of transferring image files from my SD cards to flash drives. Unfortunately, the backups have proven to be unreliable with the MobileLite often stalling or freezing mid-transfer. 

That led to the MediaShare Wireless by Verbatim (about CDN $32), also compact and lightweight and successful in backing up my camera cards to flash drives. My review was quite glowing. But I became frustrated with the software. First, it took far too long for Verbatim to upgrade the software to iOS 11. And once it did, I could not get the app to upload photos from my SD card to my iPad. That led to a two month long email debacle with Verbatim support that, in the end, provided no answer.                                                  

That frustration led me to the FileHub RP-WD03 by RavPower (about CDN $50). It’s very similar to the Verbatim unit. It has a slot for USB flash drives or hard drives and another for an SD card. It connects by wifi with an iPad, iPhone or Android device and a dedicated app. Verbatim has its MediaShare app and RavPower has the FileHub Plus app. Continue reading

Backup A-Go-Go: Review of the Verbatim MediaShare Wireless Thingamajig

Protecting digital image files while on the trail is a tricky proposition. When everything needed for a good long walk must fit in a small backpack – clothing, toiletries, first aid kit, electronics and cameras – weight and space become significant factors. Reduce, minimize, lighten; this is my mantra when filling that pack. Not too difficult if I am just out for a walk. But I’m also a ‘serious photographer’ and those two words have the potential to add endless kilograms to my load, with every additional gram potentially increasing my discomfort level.

I’ve described my camera kit in a previous post and it has not changed substantially since then. So far, that kit has relied on divine intervention to ensure my pictures arrive home un-lost and un-corrupted (good thing our walks tend to be religious pilgrimages!). There is no backup of the thousands of image files on my collection of SD cards. Just the one set of memory cards. Lose one card and I could lose several days of irreplaceable photos. Continue reading