Polaroids On The Beach

It was a warm summer afternoon, a good opportunity to walk along the shoreline of Lake Winnipeg. Just up the eroded slope, Gail and Styxx (our greyhound) lounged in the yurt we had rented for a few days at Camp Morton Provincial Park. Down here, the lake was calm, gently lapping on the smooth stones at water’s edge. As I moved down the beach at a relaxed pace, out came the Polaroid for a short series of photos.

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Walking Coast To Coast in Andalucía: Day 28



A day-long beach walk

On the Atlantic coast

On fine white sand

Across ocean-carved stone coves

With a hard wind at our backs

Pushing us

To Bolonia

To the Roman city, Baelo Claudio

To the end of our Andalusian trek

To our next long walk


20.8km/56m ascent/55m descent Continue reading

Walking Coast To Coast in Andalucía: Day 27


El Pelayo

Down a stream

Down a country trail

To the Mediterranean

(once again, after 19 days walking)

Weaving along the coastline

Dipping down to beach coves

Climbing (slightly) to headlands

Passing gun emplacements from past wars

Following old drovers’ paths

To Tarif

Where Atlantic meets Mediterranean

Where Romans, Moors, Christians fought

Where fishers, wind surfers, kite surfers gather


17.3km/269m ascent/495m descent

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Walking Coast To Coast in Andalucía: Day 1


A day of small beginnings on our 435 kilometer trek from Playa Maro on Spain’s Costa del Sol coast, following the Penibetic range of mountains westward to the coastal community of Bolonia, edging on the Atlantic Ocean.

Today’s start on that journey is a modest one. The morning is spent on a bus, transporting Gail and me from Málaga to our hotel near Cueva de Nerja. After a tour of the impressive caves, we head for Playa de Maro, the start of our long distance walk. The 2.2 kilometer stroll back to the caves will be the extent of our walk this day. Tomorrow, we will continue up to the mountain peaks, leaving seas and beaches behind until we return to the Atlantic coastline some 21 days from now. Continue reading