Coast To Coast in Ireland: Arrival

While my posts describing our coast-to-coast walk in Ireland are well behind the actual walking, our schedule continues at an unforgiving pace. In fact, today, May 29, we successfully completed our cross-country walk! We arrived at the western tip of Ireland, Bray Head, on beautiful Valentia Island. Beyond the cliffs lies the Atlantic Ocean, calm... Continue Reading →

Coast To Coast in Ireland: Cork

After 14 days of non-stop walking, a day's rest in the nearby city of Cork is a welcome change of pace. Cork itself is a place that calls out to the walker. It's a bustling little city with streets that lead into still smaller lanes, encouraging us to lose ourselves with the throngs of fellow... Continue Reading →

Coast To Coast in Ireland: Avondhu Way

Where the East Munster Way ends, in front of a small church in Clogheen, so begins the Avondhu Way. It's the first leg of a much longer trail system, the Blackwater Way, named after and loosely following Ireland's longest river, the Blackwater. Blackwater Way carries a certain amount of mystery and uncertainty. Of all the... Continue Reading →

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