Walking the Camino de Santiago, A Photo Essay: Days 37 and 38

These are the last two days on our trek westward across Spain.

Our first day takes us along a brief 12-kilometre coastal walk to Finisterre, our destination for the day. After checking in at the austere Hotel Finisterre, we head off for an afternoon stroll to Cabo Fisterra.

This was the western tip of the known-world prior to Columbus and, as can be expected when looking out on to the unknown abyss, rituals took hold well before St. James arrived. We are in the land of pagan beliefs. We have left the historical path to Christian enlightenment, ending in Santiago. Beyond that the journey has led us back in time to one of Roman and Celtic mysticism. Here, the power of the church has been supplanted by the infinite plane of water extending beyond these rocks. It is an undeniably powerful space, so different from our trek to Santiago. Continue reading