Scenes from the world before…part six

 Naadam Festival, Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia, 2007. Naadam celebrates the three manly sports of nomadic Mongolia: wrestling, horse racing and archery. Naadam, Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia, 2007 Tokyo, Japan, 2015 Yomiuri Giants baseball game, Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, 2017 Street musicians, Galway, Ireland, 2016 Literary guides, Dublin, Ireland, 2016

Postcards from Ireland: A Day in Galway

Our long walk is done. Time for a casual exploration of Ireland’s cities and sites before heading back to Canada. We start with Galway, a half-day by taxi and bus up the west coast from Portmagee, the end point of our cross-Ireland walk. It’s a modest-sized town but chock full of young university students and... Continue Reading →

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