Henro Postscript: To Koyasan

November 28, 2017. Half day to Koyasan. Half day in . Yunomine Onsen Okunoin Cemetery, Koyasan Fukuchjin Temple Lodging Shojin Ryori, Buddhist vegetarian cuisine, served in-room. Shakyo (sutra copying)

Walking The Henro: Day 18

November 20, 2017: Shirotori Onsen to Temple 1. We started our Henro pilgrimage on September 28, 2015 at Temple 1. Today, we complete the circuit, visiting all 88 temples on the Henro-michi and returning to our starting point at Temple 1. Egg vending machine! Temple 1: Ryōzenji A monk completes the last page in our... Continue Reading →

Walking The Henro: Day 17

November 19, 2017. Nagao to Shirotori Onsen via Temple 88, the last temple on the Henro-michi. Maeyama Ohenro Kōryū Salon (Shikoku Pilgrimage Community Centre) Illuminated temples, right to left: yesterday's Temple 87, today's Temple 88, tomorrow's Temple 1 Temple 88: Ōkuboji

Walking The Henro: Day 12

November 13, 2017. Kanonji to Zentsūji via 7 temples and a bowl of udon. Temple 68: Jinnein and Temple 69: Kanonji Temple 70: Motoyamaji Temple 71: Iyadaniji Temple 72: Mandaraji Temple 73: Shusshakaji Temple 74: Kōyamaji

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