Twelve Days of Styxx (2009-2022): Day Eight

Styxx, our greyhound/lurcher companion passed away in May 2022. In celebration of the nine years that Gail and I had the privilege to share with Styxx (his first day with us was December 14, 2013), we have selected twelve photographs that we think capture his personality and interests.. Day Eight: Styxx outside his yurt overlooking... Continue Reading →

Polaroids On The Beach

It was a warm summer afternoon, a good opportunity to walk along the shoreline of Lake Winnipeg. Just up the eroded slope, Gail and Styxx (our greyhound) lounged in the yurt we had rented for a few days at Camp Morton Provincial Park. Down here, the lake was calm, gently lapping on the smooth stones... Continue Reading →

Twelve Days of Styxx: Day 11

From the series "Styxx Does Manitoba" (2017). Today, Styxx walks the pier in Gimli, Manitoba. Behind him is the Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium’s MV Namao. #greyhound, #lurcherlove #manitoba  

Camera Tales: The Horizont

Push the shutter release button and something unusual happens. No click, just a brief mechanical whir as the narrow slit in a silver drum rotates counterclockwise across the front of the camera. This is the Horizont, a Russian-built swing lens panoramic camera, the first of several devices I would own and use to take long... Continue Reading →

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