Walking Coast To Coast in Andalucía: Day 26

Los Barrios Gently up Forest Roads Cork oak forests Mountain vistas Gibraltar Morocco! A leisurely climb Then... One last kilometre Down through bramble, thicket All things prickly Down unmarked slopes Lost, scratched, bloodied Then, finally... El Pelayo 28/05/19 25.5km/575m ascent/350m descent

Walking Coast To Coast in Andalucía: Day 25

Castillo de Castellar Hard to leave But... Down La Calzada (a Roman road) Level paths, dirt roads, paved highways To Venta Juan Carlos (a rare restaurant meal at lunchtime) Gently up quiet roads (Gibraltar is so close) Steeply down trails To Los Barrios 26/05/19 26.9km/379m ascent/620m descent

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