Happy New Year!

Styxx, Gail, and I wish you all the best for 2022. May you have many beautiful adventures in the coming months. Styxx lounging in the lobby of Bessborough Hotel in Saskatoon. He is looking forward to many more travel adventures in 2022.

12 Days of Styxx, 2021 Edition: Day 4

Welcome to a year in the life of our greyhound/lurcher Styxx, compressed into twelve daily posts leading up to Christmas. Gail and Styxx on the grounds of the former Municipal Hospital (by Winnipeg architect John D. Atchison), Weyburn Saskatchewan.

Camera Tales: Seduced by the Cirkut

There can be no doubt, my Cirkut No. 6 Outfit draws attention wherever it goes. It is a beautiful thing to behold, this wood and brass camera perched atop its spindly wood tripod. And to witness it in motion, engine purring as the camera slowly rotates, is a mesmerizing experience. I see its effect on... Continue Reading →

The Christmas Train: Day Two

Putting aside the existential train schedule, the Canadian is one of the best train experiences I have had. The food, served on white linen tablecloths with real china, has been excellent. Today's brunch was a tasty ravioli with lobster in a cream sauce. Dinner, a well-prepared rack of lamb. Even the shower - there's one... Continue Reading →

A Dog Goes West: Part Three

On this final leg of his western tour, our greyhound Styxx makes his way home to Winnipeg through the mountains of BC, the ranchlands of southern Alberta and the prairies of Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

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