Scenes from the world before…part five

Ronda, Spain, 2019 Day of the Dead, Mexico City, 2018 Mumbai, India, 2011 Liquor store, Kerala, India, 2011 On the Via Francigena, France, 2019 On the Via Francigena, France, 2019 Golden Temple Gurdwara, Amritsar, India, 2011 Trivandrum, Kerala, India, 2011

CDMX: To Teotihuacán

It can be found just 40 kilometres out of Mexico City. Timewise, it is a much longer journey back in time, one measured in tens of centuries. Here is a city so ancient that even the Aztecs, who were busy constructing their own city, Tenochtitlan, drew inspiration from the deserted ruins of Teotihuacán. It was... Continue Reading →

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