Scenes from the world before…part seven

Gail (my favourite pilgrim) and friends, Shikoku, Japan, 2017 Gail and friends, Shikoku, Japan, 2017 Varanasi, India, 2011 The ghats of Varanasi, India, 2011 Beijing, China, 2007 Beijing, China, 2007 Shikoku, Japan, 2017 Yokohama, Japan, 2017 Tokyo, Japan, 2017

Scenes from the world before…part six

 Naadam Festival, Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia, 2007. Naadam celebrates the three manly sports of nomadic Mongolia: wrestling, horse racing and archery. Naadam, Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia, 2007 Tokyo, Japan, 2015 Yomiuri Giants baseball game, Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, 2017 Street musicians, Galway, Ireland, 2016 Literary guides, Dublin, Ireland, 2016

Henro Postscript: Tokyo’s Odaiba District

December 4, 2017. On the Yurikamome Line's driverless train. Miraikan: National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation Fuji TV Headquarters Oedo-Onsen Monogatari Fish Therapy Session at the Onsen. ...and the adjoining onsen for dogs Ginza District

Tokyo…and beyond!

It’s May 4, 2017. Our last day in Japan. The end of our too brief two-day visit to Tokyo. Tonight we head to Narita Airport on our way back to Winnipeg. But Gail and I are not yet done with Japan. In just one week from writing this blog post, October 27, we will be... Continue Reading →

Tokyo Drift

In the lexicon of the Situationist movement, a drift (or more properly, dérive) is an impromptu walk that attempts to confound the established pathways and instructions designed for pedestrians. Drifters follow their own senses. They create arbitrary instructions in order to see their world anew and in a way not prescribed by the pedestrian rule-book... Continue Reading →

Shikoku: Tokyo Prelude

For two people about to embark on a Buddhist pilgrimage, Tokyo is the least likely starting point. It is the quintessential crazy cosmopolitan centre. The place you go to gasp at the outrageousness of urban life, where the rules of a country so tied to traditions explode in all sorts of non-traditional directions.We had one... Continue Reading →

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