Scenes from the world before…part seven

Gail (my favourite pilgrim) and friends, Shikoku, Japan, 2017 Gail and friends, Shikoku, Japan, 2017 Varanasi, India, 2011 The ghats of Varanasi, India, 2011 Beijing, China, 2007 Beijing, China, 2007 Shikoku, Japan, 2017 Yokohama, Japan, 2017 Tokyo, Japan, 2017

Walking The Henro: Day 18

November 20, 2017: Shirotori Onsen to Temple 1. We started our Henro pilgrimage on September 28, 2015 at Temple 1. Today, we complete the circuit, visiting all 88 temples on the Henro-michi and returning to our starting point at Temple 1. Egg vending machine! Temple 1: Ryōzenji A monk completes the last page in our... Continue Reading →

Walking The Henro: Day 17

November 19, 2017. Nagao to Shirotori Onsen via Temple 88, the last temple on the Henro-michi. Maeyama Ohenro Kōryū Salon (Shikoku Pilgrimage Community Centre) Illuminated temples, right to left: yesterday's Temple 87, today's Temple 88, tomorrow's Temple 1 Temple 88: Ōkuboji

Walking The Henro: Day 12

November 13, 2017. Kanonji to Zentsūji via 7 temples and a bowl of udon. Temple 68: Jinnein and Temple 69: Kanonji Temple 70: Motoyamaji Temple 71: Iyadaniji Temple 72: Mandaraji Temple 73: Shusshakaji Temple 74: Kōyamaji

Shikoku: Three Temples and an Izakaya

April 21, 2017 Walking a pilgrimage can be a solitary activity. Gail and I have each other for company, but many travel solo. On occasion our paths mesh for just a moment, loosely intertwining on the trail or at a temple. We exchange pleasantries as best we can, considering we speak only English and they,... Continue Reading →

Shikoku: A Royal Procession

April 10, 2017 We are reluctant to leave the luxurious digs of Kuroshio Honsen. After all, here we are enjoying our Japanese breakfast and, just outside our table-side window, rain pours down over scenic Kure Bay, reducing it to a sorry display of blue-greys. But there are 28 kilometres to cover and we know there’s... Continue Reading →

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