Walking to Rome: Winnipeg


It starts in Canterbury. Gail and I will leave its cathedral, head south, cross the English Channel, traverse France, climb Switzerland’s Great Saint Bernard Pass, continue south through Italy and finally arrive on the doorstep of the Vatican. Continue reading

Plane Jane: Coming This Sunday!


It’s a crazy idea, something you’re not supposed to do. But walking to YWG, whether for pleasure or to catch a flight, is entirely possible. We’ve done it. For the adventure of exploring places normally off the pedestrian road map. And for kick-starting a travel-light, carry-on-only vacation to Europe.

Want to try it, too? Then join us on our 3-4 hour round trip, starting in the Wolseley neighbourhood and winding through residential, commercial and industrial areas to James Richardson International Airport. Continue reading

Plane Jane: A Jane’s Walk to Winnipeg Airport

Walking to YWG on September 1, 2014 to catch our flight to Prague.
Walking to YWG on September 1, 2014 to catch our flight to Prague.

On May 3, 2015, my wife Gail Perry, and I will be leading a Jane’s Walk from our sylvan Wolseley neighbourhood to the James Richardson International Airport (YWG).

Jane’s Walk is an international phenomena, a day or two each year where citizens across the globe lead tours of their neighbourhoods, talk about what works, what has failed and challenges faced. Continue reading