Coast To Coast in Ireland: East Munster Way

From Carrick-on-Suir, our walk flows seamlessly into a three-day hike along the East Munster Way. So too, the scenery is a familiar rural setting with each day seeing us climbing reasonably scaled hills and descending into river valleys. Along the way, locals greet us openly and spend time to talk about our hike, the state of the Irish economy and, especially, the state of the weather and appreciation of even a modest display of sunlight.

A Dog Goes West: Part Three

It is a slow but beautiful road winding its way from Kelowna south down Highway 33 and then east along Highway 3. Styxx reclines in his lair – pretty much the entire rear compartment of our Prius. Occasionally he takes a look out the side or rear windows to examine the endless forests occasionally punctuated with the jagged grey peaks of mountains in the distance. Along the way, we stop at wayside pullouts to stretch, to have a picnic lunch or to take a close look at some stream with clear cool water noisily rushing over a bed of river-smoothed rocks. (more…)

A Dog Goes West: Part Two

Styxx has settled into his new life as tourist. And we have settled into our roles as dog tour guides. We set aside our usual travel routine of long hikes, eating in fine restaurants, going anywhere we want. Now we search for dog-friendly activities and venues, not wanting to leave Styxx alone for even a minute.