Navigating Hope: Gail’s Epilogue

For 10 weeks now David has been marking, in pictures, our way through active treatment for my breast cancer. There has been a seemingly endless parade of appointments and procedures during what we have come to term (borrowing from Fidel Castro) the “Special Period”.

We are fortunate. Throughout treatment, we have been able to walk between our home and CancerCare Manitoba – 50 minutes each way along the leafy residential streets of central Winnipeg.

Active treatment ended last week with my ringing a bell. (more…)

Twelve Days of Styxx: Day 1

From the series “Styxx Does Manitoba” (2017).

Today, Styxx pauses on the Omand’s Creek trail in Winnipeg to wish you peace and love on this very special day.

#greyhound, #lurcherlove #manitoba #winnipeg


Twelve Days of Styxx: Day 2

From the series “Styxx Does Manitoba” (2017).

Today, Styxx warms up in one of the warming huts dotting Winnipeg’s river trail.

#greyhound, #lurcherlove #manitoba #winnipeg



Twelve Days of Styxx: Day 5

From the series “Styxx Does Manitoba” (2017).

Today, Styxx strikes a majestic Canada Day pose in front of the historic Display Building No. 2 in Brandon.

#greyhound, #lurcherlove #manitoba