Video: The POD Option: Using Print-On-Demand for Artist Book Projects This recording of “The POD Option: Using Print-On-Demand for Artist Book Projects,”  is a Zoom meeting presented on October 21, 2020.  Self-publishing through print-on-demand (POD) services such as Blurb Books offer an affordable way for artists to develop and present complete artistic visions or projects and distribute their work in a print run of... Continue Reading →

Twelve Days of Styxx: Day 10

From the series "Styxx Does Manitoba" (2017). Today, Styxx lounges in his Wolseley home. He’s reading his favourite book, “Walking Styxx: a month of psychogeographic walks with a greyhound”, by his favourite author (yours truly). From the book: “Styxx, shortened from his original name Firestyxx, is a greyhound. Or, more correctly he is a lurcher,... Continue Reading →

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