Video: The POD Option: Using Print-On-Demand for Artist Book Projects

This recording of “The POD Option: Using Print-On-Demand for Artist Book Projects,”  is a Zoom meeting presented on October 21, 2020. 

Self-publishing through print-on-demand (POD) services such as Blurb Books offer an affordable way for artists to develop and present complete artistic visions or projects and distribute their work in a print run of one, two or hundreds. This presentation explored the benefits and limitations of POD services through the lens of my own experiences in publishing a dozen or so books, primarily using the Blurb platform.

You can also view this video on my YouTube channel, walkclickmake

Below is a list of links to online resources, as mentioned in the presentation.

Blurb Books:

Blurb PDF-To-Book:

My Blurb Bookstore:


Photobooks Canada:


Cargo, websites for designers and artists with an e-commerce add-on:

ISBN Canada (sign up for an account here):

How to get an ISBN for your book in Canada:

Note that Blurb (and others) offer free ISBNs. However, they are registered as the publisher, not you. If you want to be registered as the publisher for your book, you should secure your own ISBN through ISBN Canada or your country’s counterpart.

Lastly, here are the links to my own online sites:

Portfolio and store (buy a book!):


Facebook page:

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