Twelve Days of Styxx: Day 10

From the series “Styxx Does Manitoba” (2017).

Today, Styxx lounges in his Wolseley home. He’s reading his favourite book, “Walking Styxx: a month of psychogeographic walks with a greyhound”, by his favourite author (yours truly).

From the book: “Styxx, shortened from his original name Firestyxx, is a greyhound. Or, more correctly he is a lurcher, the less romantic name for a greyhound mixed with a little bit of some other breed and used to race on “unofficial” dog tracks in the rural backwaters of states such as Ohio and Michigan. He has an unknown past and his age is pure guesswork (likely eight). But Styxx is every bit a greyhound, 80 pounds of muscle bound into a graceful Art Deco form.”

Styxx recommends that you purchase his book at

#greyhound, #lurcherlove #manitoba #winnipeg


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