Postcards from Ireland: Dublin to Winnipeg

One more day to lose ourselves in this oh-so walkable city. Our last day in Dublin. In Ireland. Tomorrow it’s back to Winnipeg.

But we won’t be leaving Ireland behind.

During our trip, we have been in contact with Sheena, an Irish women living in Naas, a small community just outside of Dublin. We didn’t know her any more than she had any connection to us. Just a common friend in Canada, James. And two greyhounds. Hers, Joey. Ours, Styxx. Just enough for her to contact us while we were tramping across Ireland. Enough to invite us to her home. By the time we had completed our walk, arrangements were in place to visit her in Naas, once we returned to Dublin.  Continue reading

Postcards from Ireland: A Day in Dublin

Our journey through Ireland has come full circle. We left Dublin on foot, the start of our Irish coast-to-coast walk, making our way over 24 days to Portmagee on the west coast. From there our clockwise journey took us, by bus, to Galway, the Aran Islands, Belfast and Northern Ireland and, now, back to Dublin. We will spend our last few days here before returning to Winnipeg. Continue reading

Coast To Coast in Ireland: Intersections

Our taxi drops us back at Bweeng, in front of a forest of signs telling us where we’ve been – the Avondhu Way – and pointing us where we need to go. It’s the first of two days on the Duhallow Way and we know it will be a long one. Forty kilometres long if the route remains true to our maps.

Duhallow Way is one part of the much longer Blackwater Way, the other part being the Avondhu Way we have just traversed. But even that is but one small segment of a much longer trail, the E8 European Long Distance Walking Trail. Continue reading

Coast To Coast in Ireland: Leaving Dublin

Our walking adventure begins at Marlay Park at the southern edge of Dublin. The Wicklow Way is arguably Ireland's most popular walking trail. And why not? A quick car ride out of Dublin takes its citizens into a world of mountain treks.

Our trek will include the entire length of the Wicklow Way, six days as it meanders through the hills of Wicklow on its way south to Clonegal. The first day of 26 kilometers leaves Marlay Park and rises steadily, steeply up the formidable hills just beyond the city. It is a challenging start for two flat landers whose only altitude trading consists of climbing the paltry heights of Winnipeg's Garbage Hill. It's hard work for our first day of true hiking. But the hike yields splendid views down to the city of Dublin. It's a sunny, warm day. The start of warmer weather for May, so we are told. The least rainy month of the year, so we are told.

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Coast To Coast in Ireland: Revolution

It will be a long walk, over 600 kilometers across the island of Ireland. We will follow a series of established national and international trails that start in Dublin and end on the west coast in the small village of Portmagee.

But, today we are in the centre of Ireland's capital city, Dublin. At the heart of a rebellion a hundred years ago that would push a good portion of the island from English control to an independent republic. It was the Easter Uprising of 1916 when the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB) and other like-minded nationalist groups attempted to overthrow the long-standing English regime that ran the island.

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