Postcards from Ireland: Dublin to Winnipeg

One more day to lose ourselves in this oh-so walkable city. Our last day in Dublin. In Ireland. Tomorrow it’s back to Winnipeg.

But we won’t be leaving Ireland behind.

During our trip, we have been in contact with Sheena, an Irish women living in Naas, a small community just outside of Dublin. We didn’t know her any more than she had any connection to us. Just a common friend in Canada, James. And two greyhounds. Hers, Joey. Ours, Styxx. Just enough for her to contact us while we were tramping across Ireland. Enough to invite us to her home. By the time we had completed our walk, arrangements were in place to visit her in Naas, once we returned to Dublin. 

An hour’s bus ride takes us south, out of Dublin, back into the Wicklow Mountains that we had walked across not many days earlier, and to the charming village of Naas. Sheena meets us at the bus stop and we walk to her nearby family home for supper with her, her mum, her greyhound, Joey, and her two other lucky dogs, Pepper and Mr. Fox.

Sheena is a kindred spirit. Like me, she is an architect-turned-artist. Like Gail, she is the mother of a greyhound. We spend a pleasant evening around the dinner table, the conversation wafting between our mutual interests in greyhounds, career changes, art and photography, Ireland and Canada. As the sun sets on this warm evening, our chats move to the backyard while we play with Joey, Pepper and Foxy. It is in that spirit of connectivity that she presents us with her gift, a beautiful watercolour of her greyhound.

We won’t be leaving Ireland behind. We are taking her with us.


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  1. I just found your blog, and I absolutely love it. I am so intrigued by psychogeography and urban walking/derives. I hope to study in Dublin one day, so I especially loved these photographs. I look forward to seeing more posts!

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