Postcards from Ireland: A Day in Dublin

Our journey through Ireland has come full circle. We left Dublin on foot, the start of our Irish coast-to-coast walk, making our way over 24 days to Portmagee on the west coast. From there our clockwise journey took us, by bus, to Galway, the Aran Islands, Belfast and Northern Ireland and, now, back to Dublin. We will spend our last few days here before returning to Winnipeg.

Dublin is a wonderful city for walking. The scale of its buildings is decidedly small, just a few stories high in most cases. Streets are lined with a cacophony of traditional storefronts and lively bars or with a more staid and stately walls of Georgian row houses with their colourful front doors. It’s fun to get lost in the maze of streets and easy to recover one’s bearings at landmarks and parks that suddenly appear around a corner.

What follows is a flaneur’s view of Dublin.




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