Walking to Rome: Via Francigena Day 14

Bapaume Beaulencourt British Commonwealth Cemetery Thilloy Road Commonwealth Cemetery Manchester Commonwealth Cemetery Église Saint-Pierre, Villers au Flos Église catholique Notre-Dame de Rocquigny, architect Jean-Louis Sourdeau, 1929-32 Necropole Nationale, Moislains Église Paroissiale, Moislains, architect Louis Faille, 1928-32 Canal du Nord Australian Remembrance Trail of the Battle of Mont-Saint-Quentin Péronne      

Walking to Rome: Vimy

As I write this, back in Winnipeg, I am aware that tomorrow is November 11, Remembrance Day. Tomorrow, Gail and I will attend, as we do every year, the Valour Road Memorial Day Service, a short walk away from our Wolseley home. Valour Road, formerly Pine Street, commemorates three recipients of the Victoria Cross for... Continue Reading →

Walking to Rome: Via Francigena Day 12

Frévin-Capelle/La Grenouillère/Anna; Abbaye de Mont-Saint-Éloi; Église catholique; Saint-Martin d’Écoivres; Le Marais de Mareoeuil; Arras Poor Mont-Saint-Éloi.  Its abbey was established as far back as the 7th century. Over the next many hundreds of years, it rose to prominence as a major religious centre. That power sealed its fate in the late 1700’s with the French... Continue Reading →

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