Scenes from the world before…part five

Ronda, Spain, 2019 Day of the Dead, Mexico City, 2018 Mumbai, India, 2011 Liquor store, Kerala, India, 2011 On the Via Francigena, France, 2019 On the Via Francigena, France, 2019 Golden Temple Gurdwara, Amritsar, India, 2011 Trivandrum, Kerala, India, 2011

Just Published: On Omand’s Creek by David Firman

Ordinarily, I would recommend a walk down the frozen surface of Omand’s Creek, the perfect antidote for these COVID-19 days of uncertainty and social-distancing. At its mid-winter best, this is a walk with some risk—crawling on ice through a steel conduit, for example—but spring is closing in, temperatures are rising and water can already be... Continue Reading →

Walking to Rome: Vimy

As I write this, back in Winnipeg, I am aware that tomorrow is November 11, Remembrance Day. Tomorrow, Gail and I will attend, as we do every year, the Valour Road Memorial Day Service, a short walk away from our Wolseley home. Valour Road, formerly Pine Street, commemorates three recipients of the Victoria Cross for... Continue Reading →

Walking to Rome: Via Francigena Day 12

Frévin-Capelle/La Grenouillère/Anna; Abbaye de Mont-Saint-Éloi; Église catholique; Saint-Martin d’Écoivres; Le Marais de Mareoeuil; Arras Poor Mont-Saint-Éloi.  Its abbey was established as far back as the 7th century. Over the next many hundreds of years, it rose to prominence as a major religious centre. That power sealed its fate in the late 1700’s with the French... Continue Reading →

Ramen Rambles: An Invitation

I am pleased to announce that, starting October 2, 2017, Ramen Rambles: Words and Photos by David Firman will be on exhibit at Winnipeg’s Gas Station Arts Centre. Here are the details: Gas Station Arts Centre 445 River Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3L 0C3 October 2-31, 2017 (but it will likely run until mid-January 2018) Monday-Friday,... Continue Reading →

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