Prague to Vienna on Foot: Long Hard Days

A series of posts following David and Gail as they walk 480 kilometers from Prague to Vienna in 2014.

September 18, 2014

We leave our comfy two storey apartment in Myslkovich and head out on the first of two overly long days of walking. Today we head towards Jindřichův Hradek, some 37 kilometres away. It’s a long walk, mostly on the Greenway cycle path, number 32 now, and punctuated a with pleasant stop at the moated red chateau, Červena Lhota. Jindřichův Hradek is yet another medieval city founded in the 11th century with a large castle redone Renaissance-style and an impressive central square.

If the hike to Jindřichův Hradek was exhausting, the next day’s trail would see us arrive near-dead tired, 42.5 kilometres later at Svata Katerina. With legs of rubber, we mount our final, unwelcome uphill assault through farm fields and woods. With darkness closing in on us we reached our home for the night, the Svata Katerina Resort. A vision indeed after slogging along trails to arrive at this five star wellness resort set in the woods. Our wellness treatment was simple enough: check in, collapse on the bed in our large room, have a long shower and head to the resort restaurant for spa cuisine accompanied by Moravian wine and beer. No blog posting that night. Dinner done, we hit the sack and slept soundly, finally awakening to the promise of a plentiful breakfast buffet. 

It would have been nice to rest a while longer at this peaceful resort, take part in their wellness program, get a massage, ride a horse, eat more, drink more. But we need to get to Telč, a gentle 20 kilometre walk entirely on the scenic ‘red’ hiking trail, through woods, past lakes and into the Unesco-protected heritage city of Telč.   

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