Hi folks,

This site is under construction. My blog is currently hosted on my photography website and you can access it at walkclickmake.com. There’s almost a year’s worth of posts there, about 60 in total.

I intend to move my blog to wordpress (this site) over the coming weeks. But it will take time. Unfortunately my existing blog host uses a proprietary database and I cannot easily transfer my old posts to wordpress. A bummer, for sure. I will be adding new posts here as well as on my photography site and slowly moving older blog post here as well.

In the meantime, I would suggest you bookmark my blog domain name, walkclickmake.com. This will take you to my my old blog location with all the new and old posts I have prepared. And when I have completely updated my wordpress site, I will redirect my walkclickmake.com domain here…so you won’t miss a beat.

Make sense? I hope so. Sheesh!

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