Walking The Henro: A Tokyo Prelude

It’s about two in the morning on October 27, 2017. Once again, Gail and I are on our way back to Japan. Back to Shikoku. Back to the Henro 88 temple pilgrimage. Our plan is to complete the last third of the Henro-michi, visiting the final 44 temples along the route before returning to the place we started in 2015: Temple 1.

Our first port of call s a quick stopover in Tokyo. Just enough time to dine on soba and sake before a curious night’s sleep in Hotel Kiba, a rare capsule Hotel that caters to couples.


  1. I got heart palpatations when I saw the photo of you both in your capsule bed. I have claustrophobia- I wouldn’t have been able to stay for 5 minutes in what looks like a coffin to me!


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