Henro Postscript: Awagami Paper Factory

November 21, 2017. A brief 45 minute train ride from Tokushima, the Awagami Paper Factory is a wonderful place to delve into the world Japanese washi. In case you missed my earlier posts, I have recently used Unryu Premio, an Awagami Inkjet Paper, for my recent show at the Gas Station Arts Centre in Winnipeg (on display until mid-January). It was an absolute pleasure to visit the place where my paper was made.


Yamakawa, Tokushima Prefecture

Hall of Awa Japanese Paper, Yamakawa

Paper being embedded with Sakura ( cherry blossoms)

Handmade Bizan paper.

Craig, our enthusiastic guide

Gail, making her own postcard-sized washi with greyhound imagery (of course)

Awagami’s digital printmaking studio. Work in progress by an artist-in-residence.

Bizan inkjet paper printed edge-to-edge.

2 thoughts on “Henro Postscript: Awagami Paper Factory

  1. anczelowitz January 5, 2018 / 11:59 pm

    Thank you for visiting David and all the best to you and Gail for a happy and creative 2018


    • David Firman January 6, 2018 / 9:33 am

      Thanks Craig. Gail and I had a great day at Awagami. All the Unryu paper I ordered that day arrived promptly, soon after our return to Winnipeg. I’m looking forward to working with it this year.


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