From Our Windows, Part 11

This is the third and final series of Polaroid SX-70 pictures altered with alcohol inks. It has been a curious exercise. Although I apply the inks as a single, tiny dot, how it spreads across the glossy surface of the photo is totally unpredictable and uncontrollable. How appropriate!

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  1. My father had similar inks in his photo studio. He would hand -colour some of his photographs. The process involved taking a very fine brush and pulling most of the bush hairs leaving an extremely fine brush. he did the colouring with a big magnifying glass mounted over the desk. He worked on both colour photographs and black & white. He used the same brushes to ‘retouch’ negatives. Thank you for evoking this memory. I love your work David, it is joyous,

    1. Thanks John. You bring back my own memories of hours spent spotting prints with Spotone inks. Another art (or tedious task, depending on your perspective) lost due to digital photography. Stay safe.

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