Vintage Inglis Grain Elevators Meet Vintage Polaroids

“A group of five grain elevators in Inglis in the Rural Municipality of Riding Mountain West is one of the last remaining examples of a once-common prairie icon. Now preserved as a national historic site and a provincial historic site, the Inglis site represents an important period in the development of Canada’s grain industry from 1900 to 1930.

The history of the five elevators located at Inglis reflects the changes in the grain-buying industry over the last century. Very little major renovation or modernization took place on any of the structures over the 70 years of their commercial existence, but in the same period, the number of grain companies operating in Manitoba shrunk from 67 to eight. In Inglis, this consolidation left five grain-buying facilities in the hands of two major companies. Eventually, when the adjacent railway line was abandoned, those companies transferred ownership of the elevators to a local group which is maintaining them as a museum.” (from the Manitoba Historical Society website)

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