Learning to Walk

It’s been a long two-plus years. A pandemic short-circuited our long distance walking plans but, in place of those, my Polaroid adventures kept me company. The whole idea behind WalkClickMake has always been to look for the mysterious ways walking, photography and making things might artfully intersect. Certainly the latter two activities have come to the fore in my recent blog posts and, you may be asking yourself, what about all those great walks?

This post is my first tentative return to walking form. It’s a gentle start. A simple walk to the park, barely nine kilometers in length. But bigger adventures are coming this September.

Of course, I never really stopped walking. There were neighborhood jaunts, city hikes and some wilderness treks in my home province of Manitoba. But these walks were largely disconnected from my photography pursuits.

I call this post “Learning to Walk” not because I have forgotten how to put one foot in front of the other but to reconnect my photography to my walks in a fresh way. That is what you will see—and, for the first time, hear—in what follows below.

Read on to view today’s photos, a soundscape captured along the route and an interactive map.

On a park bench, Leo Mol Garden
While looking at the photos below, you can listen to this binaural (hyper-realistic stereo) sound recording. For best results, use headphones or earbuds for a full binaural sound experience.

Click the images below to view a full-screen slideshow.

Click the map to open an interactive version on AllTrails.com (opens in a new window).

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