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Coming Event: Canzine Winnipeg

I hope to meet some of you at my table of small press books on Saturday, October 22, 2016.

That’s the date of Canzine Central and The Winnipeg Anarchist Bookfair at the downtown Millennium Library, 12:00 noon to 6:00 pm. It’s billed as a “giant zine fair including comics, zines, small press, alt-press, DIY, art books, and more!”

I will be there to show off all six of the walk-inspired books I’ve talked about on WalkClickMake over the past three years. This is your opportunity to hold them, peruse them, perhaps even buy one or two.

While you’re there, take in some of the other events.  Hal Niedzviecki and Jen Sookfong Lee will be discussing their two new novels. Winnipeg cartoonists will be making a comic based on an audience suggestion in 30 minutes or less. And there will be a book pitch competition. Of course, a number of Winnipeg’s zine and indie press authors will be displaying their wares.

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Bridge of Lights: A Book Under Construction

This week, I received the proof copy of my upcoming Bridge of Lights book. In the Print On Demand (POD) world, this is no more than a printed copy of the book and, if the proof met my expectations, no further action would be required…other than ordering more copies and announcing the book on my Blurb bookstore page so others could purchase it.

But there’s always some detail that is not quite right. And that was true of my Bridge of Lights proof. In fact, there were a number of details needing attention:

It always seems that, no matter how many times text might be proofed prior to printing, new typos jump from the page once it is published. This book is no different.

Some of the photographs lacked the snap I was after and needed to be edited.

A street name on one of the photo pages was wrong. How did I miss that?

The one design issue that concerned me at the design and layout stage – images running across the gutter –  turned out fine. Images flowed smoothly from one page to the next and very little of the image was lost at the gutter.

It’s tempting, in a POD environment, to skip the proofing stage. Layouts can look wonderful, text can seem perfect. But seeing a project for the first time in its final form is like seeing it for the first time. Proofing is an essential step.

It took another day to make the necessary corrections. The book is now back at Blurb for reprinting. I should be receiving the final version, along with a few extra copies, next week. In time for the Canzine display and sale on October 22.

See you there!





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