Lost in Morocco, Part 3: Chefchaouen

You will find the Lost in Morocco, Part 3: Chefchaouen video presentation (7:30 minutes) below.

In March, 2023, Gail and I spent three weeks wandering through Morocco. We arrived by air in Casablanca, made our way by the high speed train, Al Boraq, to Tangier, by CTM highway buses to Chefchaouen and then Fes, by Toyota Land Cruiser to distant Erg Chigaga in the Sahara desert and onwards to Marrakech and, finally, by train back to Casablanca and our return flight to Canada.

If you are curious about where we slept, where we ate and the places we visited, feel free to take a look at our detailed itinerary (with links to websites). You can read and download it here: https://walkclickmake.com/lost-in-morocco-itinerary-2023/

Gail and I hope you enjoy Lost In Morocco.

Be sure to click the Full Screen icon in the bottom right corner for the best viewing experience. 

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  1. Gail: “I had my eyes shut for more than 2 hours” on the bus. My Robert is the same for twisty turny roads in mountains and high hills … he just stares straight ahead and refuses to look sideways.

  2. Another great video! Thanks, David and Gail.
    Regarding the bath and shower in your riad, possibly “tadelakt”, a traditional lime plaster used in baths, hammams, etc., in Morocco?

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