Ramen Rambles: The Book

If you have enjoyed my previous Ramen Rambles posts, I am pleased to announce that they have just been released in book form.

Ramen Rambles – the book – is the latest in my series of compact, self-published books available through the on-demand publisher, Blurb Books. This is the fourth in a string of publications devoted to walking methodologies and resultant photographic observation. Fourth in what will be an extensive series of books that, I hope, will cumulatively become an extensive collection entitled An Encyclopedia of Walking (or something snappier).

Like the other three books this one is a soft cover 7” x 7” format but a bit longer, weighing in at 148 pages. The cost is higher than the others. Check my Blurb Bookstore for details.

So why would anyone want to purchase Ramen Rambles, the book? Here are six good reasons:


Take a walk on the wild side. Use Ramen Rambles as a guidebook for your own walks through the fringes of Winnipeg. Getting lost is guaranteed!


A gift for your dearest friends in other cities. Let them see the other side of your city. Yes, there are the sideways glimpses of the usual civic pride chestnuts – the legislative building and the Canadian Museum of Civil Rights to name a couple. But there is much more of the city’s equally colourful underbelly to show off. Ramen Rambles does that!


Winterpeg! Oh, how I despise that term, usually invoked by the good folks of more easterly and westerly big cities of Canada. Here’s a book to carry in your purse (yes, it will fit) while you travel to those unnamed cities. “Winterpeg, you say? Well, here’s my Winnipeg in Winter!”


Develop a lust for ramen. Yes it is that good…and that addictive.


It’s so cheap. A softcover book costing over forty bucks might seem extravagant. But you get a whole gallery of nicely reproduced photographs. If they were in a gallery and if you were to contemplate the purchase of just one of these pictures, the cost would be tenfold that of the book. It makes good sense to buy the whole gallery.


You will make me extremely happy. Doing these blog posts, making these books, are my way of making art. Your support is greatly appreciated.


Here are the links to my Blurb Bookstores in Canada and the United States.








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